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Tibballs Nursery is a third-generation wholesale family owned business which was established in 1946 by Maurice & Marjorie Tibballs. Marjorie Tibballs purchased the land in Herbert Street Montrose in 1944 while Maurice was serving in World War II, a big move considering that Generation. Initially Tibballs Nursery grew Tomatoes in the ground and sold them to Coles Hobart, sending them by train. After a few years Tibballs Nursery starting growing Flower and Vegetable Seedlings and supplied Coles and Garden Centres in Southern Tasmania.

Maurice & Marjories son Bruce then come into the business around 1950 and expanded Tibballs Nurseries customer base to include Purity Supermarkets. Kemp & Denning was also a major customer during this time.  The nursery kept on growing for over 30 years and in that time, began to supply some customers up in Northern Tasmania. Bruce was an extremely passionate nurseryman and was President of the “Nursery and Garden Industry Australia”.


Craig Tibballs joined the family business in 1984 as a 15-year-old and at that time Tibballs Nursery were supplying the State with roughly 20% of Flower and Vegetable Seedlings across our customer base. Craig’s role in the Company changed significantly around 1993 when the business was struggling a bit to move with the times regarding technology and not being aggressive enough in the marketplace. In 1993 Craig became Production Manager and Sales Manager across all of Tibballs Nursery Customers and secured BBC Hardware (Now Bunnings) as a key customer during this time. During 1996 Craig successfully secured a Commercial Agreement with Woodlyn Nursery in Victoria to grow under license their products in Tasmania. Woodlyn was the largest supplier of Flower and Vegetable Seedlings in Victoria for over 50 years. In 1999 Oasis Horticulture took over ownership of Woodlyn Nursery and we have continued that relationship until this day growing all Oasis Ranges to Independent Retailers and growing some Floriana Ranges sold into Bunnings stores around Tasmania.


Craig’s son Brad who has worked in the business for 5 years and Craig’s daughter Georgia who has been working in the office for around 6 months now are the fourth-generation family members which is encouraging.


Tibballs Nursery have undergone many changes in the last 32 years, while Craig Tibballs has been involved. Some of these changes include leasing a property at Granton,  investing heavily in technology, purchasing two large trucks & 230 nursery trolleys to distribute stock, engaging 2 Merchandisers who visit customers regularly, creating relationships with four other growers in Victoria and growing selected lines from these growers, making regular visits to the mainland to attend growers’ trials, to introduce new plant varieties into the Tasmanian Market & the purchase & development of a new site at Brighton.


Tibballs Nursery now operates with 21 staff members and is the largest wholesale seedling nursery in Tasmania.


Tibballs Nursery primary site located at Herbert Street Montrose & the second site at Granton has in recent years reached its capacity. In order to meet demand Tibballs Nursery has recently purchased a new site at Brighton, which is currently under development. The new site will make day to day operations very efficient & enable Tibballs Nursery to satisfy its current demand.


Over the years Tibballs Nursery has grown primarily Flower and Vegetable Seedlings, Potted Herbs, Potted Tomatoes, Potted Strawberries and Potted Colour to major Chain Stores and Garden Centres around Tasmania. Tibballs Nursery now has a much broader range of plants available to purchase.

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