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  • We sell various ranges and brands of plants throughout the Tasmanian market.


Our own 'Tibballs Nursery' branded vegetable punnets. These are our most popular range. Varieties change throughout the year depending on the season. There are 10 open punnets in every tray and with over 200 varieties to choose from, there is sure to be the right vegetable here for you!

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Tibballs Metric Flowers

Our own 'Tibballs Nursery' branded flower punnets. Varieties change throughout the year depending on the season. There are 10 open punnets in every tray and with over 100 varieties in total, there is sure to be the right plant to fill that spot in the garden!

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"Diggers Heirloom Selections" Metric & 100mm pots

A Premium range of select vegetables, currently available in our metric punnets & our 100mm pot range!

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Tibballs Potted Colour 125mm

Best way to add instant colour to your garden on a budget. Range of plants vary during the seasons. Approximately 25 varieties to choose from. There are 8 pots in every smaller tray and 15 pots in a larger tray. Potted colour is a must have if you want to "brighten up" your garden or yard!


'Kitchen Herb' 100mm Herb Pots

These 100mm herbs are a must have for your garden. With so many varieties to choose from, you can grow and eventually harvest your very own herbs within the comfort of your own home. There are 12 pots to every tray.

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'Oasis Thumbs Up' or 'Gourmet Gardener' 100mm Vegetable Pots

These 100mm pots of vegetables can be a little more advanced in growth than our metric vegetable range. Pick up your own 100mm pot of vegetables today to fill in that spot in your veggie garden!

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'Oasis Eziplanter' or 'Floriana Fusion' 6 Cell Flower & Vegetable Punnets

These are our specific 6 cell range also known as "Fusions" or "Eziplanters". Our 6 cell range here is easy to handle and gives you a lot less stress when it comes to gardening as an individual cell comes out & can be planted with ease. There are four 6 cell packs to a tray.


Tibballs Nursery 'Ready to Cook' 125mm Herb

Our Ready to Cook range can be a little more advanced than our 100mm range. I mean, the name says it all!


'Oasis Colour on Colour' or 'Floriana Dreamscape' 170mm Pot

If what you're after is to give the garden or your front doorstep a little bit of colour, these 170mm pots may be right for you!


Chrysanthemum 125mm Pot

Chrysanthemums are the perfect cut of flower to help your garden "pop". With a variety of vibrant colours, these are sure to brighten up the day!

Floriana Cut & Cook 200mm Herb Pots x 3.jpg

'Oasis Zest' or 'Floriana Cut and Cook' 200mm Pots

If you're after our more advanced varieties of vegetables & herbs, you will find them in our 200mm Oasis Zest and Cut & Cook Range!

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'Oasis Home Harvest' or 'Floriana Fresh Start' 125mm Vegetable Pot

Our 125mm tomatoes are a more advanced along within their harvest than our 100mm range. These tomatoes are excellent for sandwiches, in salads or even on the BBQ! With around 15 different varieties of potted tomatoes to choose from, you're bound to come across the right one for you and your home. There are nine 125mm pots in each tray.

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Indoor 140mm Pots

Offering various variety and low maintenance, these indoor plants are bound to spice up that empty space on the mantle or in that corner of your living room!

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Tibballs Nursery Cyclamen 140mm Pot

Cyclamen are one of our more popular varieties here at Tibballs Nursery, though, season dependent, Cyclamen never fail to bright up the garden with their unique and spectacular flowers!


Perennial 140mm Pot

Our perennial collection never fails to turn heads to your garden. With various varieties and beautiful flowers, there is sure to be the right perennial to light up your backyard!


140mm, 200mm & 250mm Pittosporum

Are you looking for a bit more privacy around your yard or even just to spruce up the garden? We might have something for you with our Pittosporum collection!

Feel free to contact us on 62721666 or by sending an order enquiry to sales@tibballs.com.au to find out more!