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About Us

While Maurice Tibballs was serving in WWII during 1944, Marjorie Tibballs acquired land in Montrose, Tasmania which also planted the seed of a thriving nursery business.


By 1946, Maurice & Marjorie were harvesting freshly grown tomatoes which were loaded onto trains & delivered around Tasmania. It wasn't long before Maurice & Marjorie's home-grown tomatoes found their way inside Coles supermarkets & homes around Tasmania.

Come 1950, Maurice & Marjorie had their first son. By 1970, Bruce had begun to secure retail partnerships to supply the well-known flower & veggie seedlings that you see in stores today.

Over the next 15 years, Bruce & his wife Lynne started to expand Tibballs Nursery statewide. All while raising 3 children of their own...

In 1984, Craig Tibballs joined the family business. At this time, Tibballs Nursery was only supplying 25% of Tasmania with Flower & Vegetable Seedlings.


In 1993, Craig secured a partnership with Bunnings (previously BBC Hardware). This partnership was a game-changer for Tibballs Nursery as Bunnings would soon become one of the largest & dominant retailers in the state.

With exclusive ranges of plants & a team of 40 dedicated green thumbs, Tibballs Nursery continues to operate through 2024 as the largest seedling nursery in Tasmania.


Pick up your favourite blooming flowers & fresh home-grown veggies today!

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